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Patients come to know the EDGE for our compassionate, enthusiastic care. Our patient's are encouraged and uplifted while they are receiving optimal care for their specific conditions.

Patient Information

Our staff believes and promotes our vision of providing excellent care in a manner that glorifies God. They also display a pleasant mannerism and are dedicated to the well-being of the patient at all times.  The mission of The Edge, Physical Therapy and Sports Science Center, is to make a positive physical and spiritual impact in the lives of our patients, clients, and colleagues.   We will offer excellent physical therapy and sports science services within our community, which will enhance the health, participation, and community engagement of each individual.  When you encounter our practice, you can be assured that care is provided in a Christian environment to facilitate healing.  We are also committed to communication with patients to educate them about all aspects of physical therapy including physical condition, plan of care, and billing issues.


" "I've been blessed to be mostly injury free unitil I injured my shoulder. I reached out to Trent and Anna to come up with a plan. We put in a lot of work helping me get back to my routine. I hope no one has to deal with injuries, but if you do see Anna and Trent at The Edge."

Thank you all so much!
- Michael Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What conditions are amenable to Physical Therapy treatment?
A. Physical Therapists have unique knowledge in human movement science, so any condition that impairs your ability to move or perform at the level you would like can be helped by physical therapy.  Whether it is pain, weakness, post-surgical, or a mechanical joint problem, physical therapists will identify the cause and get you on the road to recovery and optimal function. 

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Q. Do you work with local physicians?
A. We have referral relationships with many people in our community and our patients come to us either by referral from physicians or other health care providers or because they heard about us from friends and family.  When our patients are referred from other health care providers, we are committed to communication with the referral source so our patients’ best interests are served by a team approach.
Q. Do you need a physician's referral to see a PT?
A. Louisiana law allows patients to see a PT for an examination without referral.  Patients may also seek PT care without a prescription or referral for conditions within 90 days of medical diagnosis.  
Q. Who will provide my care when I attend my PT visits?
A. You will be treated by a licensed physical therapist on each visit.  We are committed to quality care and believe in providing our best.  We also participate in the clinical education of student physical therapists, which may or may not be present at the time of your visits.
Q. How long will my appointments last and how often must I come?
A. A typical PT appointment ranges anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  The first visit may take longer because of the need to gather information about you and your condition.  The frequency of visits and duration of your care will be determined by your PT and will be based on your condition, individual needs, and schedule.      
Core Values
  • Patients/Clients first, Employees second, Owners third
  • Committed to Excellence and "giving back"
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